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Join me for #MindfulMessages, and, as an added bonus, you’ll get a discount code for $50 off my upcoming “Anxiety is an Asshole” course on the day it’s released! #MindfulMessages is a weekly email designed to kick up your week with a new idea, mindfulness moment, affirmation, personal challenge, or a smarty-pants science update. These emails are short and to-the-point, and aim to bring an extra bit of focus and motivation throughout the week. Also, I’ll sprinkle in some treats and awesome links and other things you might find interesting. My goal is to help guide you towards self-growth and personal insight by providing reliable, evidence-based information designed to make your life better – and who doesn’t want a better life?!

If you’re curious about who I am, my professional values, or my training and credentials, check out my webpage here.

Join me, and let’s grow together!!

P.S. Just so you know, I will always respect your inbox – no spam, I promise – and I definitely won’t blow you up with a thousand emails. I’ll never give or sell your info to a third party.

P.P.S. #MindfulMessages members always get first dibs on discounted courses and giveaways!

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